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Wayne Somerville
Wayne Somerville
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April 26, 2012
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Jan. 3
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Wayne Somerville's bidding problem: QJT AKQ3 Q AKJ87
For those commenting on the 2C opener, it wasn't me that opened it (I'm also a 1C opener), I was actually the hand that bid 4S. 5H was the winning action when 4S turned out to be the rare profitable vul-vs-not sac and in fact pretty unlucky not ...
Auction Whacking
From the Junior Camrose once, (1H)-2H-(P)-2S (P)-P-(3D)-P (P)-3S-(P)-P (4D)-P-(P)-4S-AP In the Camrose just past, I also had: 1S-(2D)-2S-(3D) 3S-(4D)-4S-(X)-AP The contract was cold on both occasions. edit: Just remembered another one ...
Claim Ruling
If he states or implies he's pitching hearts, that's another story and would rule down one then. I think you need to make some assumptions on how the play would go without the claim or you just end up with non-sensible claim disputes. This isn't so different ...
Claim Ruling
Declarer stated he was pitching 2 losers. He is effectively pitching a winner if he pitches a heart so I make it EW +670, but with a warning to make the line clearer.
Wayne Somerville's bidding problem: 98763 --- K8 KJ9765
I think West knows what major his partner has, he did pass 3H and it would be quite a view to psyche a pass vulnerable when neither opponent has acted. Board ...
The Worst Convention Ever
Until very recently, one of my partners insisted on playing fishbein. It only took me about 3.5 years to convince him to take it off the card.
One useful strategy after your side 1 nt opening
I've had that strategy used against me, it brought in a lot of imps... for me. You'll lose 5-6 imps for being in the wrong partscore a lot more often than getting to a game you wouldn't normally bid.
Tricky grand
I considered leaving the K for later. The problem from what I can see is that when you start cashing the clubs at the end, East can just ruff the K if he started with 2-4-4-3 and you will be stranded in hand and have to concede a spade to ...
Tricky grand
Win A, A, ruff, AQ (if they break, come back in spades to draw last trump), K, ruff, AQ, K,
Wayne Somerville's bidding problem: T 97 KJ643 AQ974
You can expect less than 15HCP, but almost certainly satisfying rule-of-18 (HCP+2 longest) and values will be in suits if minimum

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