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May 25, 2017
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ATB playing 5m down when 3NT is much better
If you only bid to contracts, you are 100% sure to make, I think you might still loose imps or mp on average.
ATB playing 5m down when 3NT is much better
In the french system you have to bid 3SA with that hand. But I fail to see the problem with that.
Majors - Minors - 2NT
Contrary to most here, I would let the result stand. Yes, North/South have failed to give an adequat explanation of their follow ups. But what was East thinking when he bid 5 over 5? If North has the Minors why bid 5. If North has the ...
ATB: Pushy slam failed
I think it is a difficult hand and I was often in worse contracts myself, so I dont really blame anyone. While 2/1 systems have their advantages, in this situation they have a handicap. It might help to knew if responder can have an invitational hand with a long ...
Counting HCP or Cover Cards and Tricks
One possibility to invite with 5431 7-8 points hands is to use stayman with this hands. You immediatly know of a 4 card M opposite. There is a price to pay, you cant play garbage Stayman.
French carding agreements
1NT, what else?
French carding agreements
Another book is : "La Signalisation" by Philippe Cronier ISBN: 978-37240-007-7 While I like most of SEF bidding system I dislike the signaling method very much.
Another Look at Walter Avarelli
Was he? How am I supposed to know this? It would have been easy to say at World Cham.. But he explizitly says that W. Avarelli never played for the Blue Team again. And how is this a hint that W. Avarelli was seen as too weak, when he played ...
Another Look at Walter Avarelli
I dont get it. "Ron Von der Porten: But the world of the Blue Team did change, as Walter never played for the Team again, being replaced by Benito Bianchi in 1973." And then we have the topic of "Playing with Michael Rosenberg against WalterAvarelli and the BlueTeam " which took ...
Another Look at Walter Avarelli
On 2 of the 4 problems the bidding changed between presenting the problems and giving the solutions. So which bidding really happened at the table?
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