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Will Roper
Will Roper
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July 28, 2013
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about me

24 year old who has played bridge for a larger proportion of their life than the chance of him taking a successful finesse. Unfortunately, the wrong number is growing in this regard. Apparently "studied" engineering in London.


Love bridge, not much else to it 


Favourite convention: Dopi Ropey



United Kingdom

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Anyone from the Preddy clan
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Young Chelsea
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Spring Foursomes, Gold Cup, Anything I can get to abroad
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Systems and understandings in competitive auctions
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What does this 1NT rebid show?
I have seen and occasionally played this treatment after an "unbalanced 1" opening. Its the same/similar to what Phillip Martin espouses above.
Different Defenses Against No Trump in Direct vs. Balancing Seats?
I play the same system in both seats (its been on my things to discuss with partner list for about 2 years) so the below is less experience based and more hypothetical (mostly stolen from a top international partnership): vs Weak NT: In 2nd seat, your range for overcalls is ...
Adam Parrish's bidding problem: Q42 A5 KT5 KQ962
Some people play 3 as . I personally in this situation would play it as natural offering 4. Obviously if there was less space 1NT-2-2-3 then 3 becomes more logical as . As a sidenote, A big junior craze around 4-5 years ago which ...
What is the difference?
So firstly let me just check that my basics are correct: Without screens: You inform the opps as to a misexplanation at the end of the auction if you are the declaring side, and at the end of play if defending to prevent UI. With screens: You are not entitled ...
Should This NLM Stay in his Lane?
Enough has been said about who should have said what etc. I personally prefer to focus on the bridge. With that in mind: 1. West might have put back the Q instead of the K to try and obscure East's HCP. Similarly East maybe should encourage ...
Mike Gill's bidding problem: xx AKQxxxxx x xx
Disclaimer 1: This may be just my experience of these spots. Disclaimer 2: I hate the fact I am backing pass Whenever partner has the hand where the "sac" works perfectly they raise me to 6. This combined with the pass over 3 doesn't fill me with hope.
@Mike S: 1NT+3 looks cold to me (yet to see a killing defence) so i don’t think it matters what South does at this (or any) point.
Play 6NT
@Richard. Say West switches to a Spade. We can now set up this ending: Q x - W <> - Kx x - This is a really good position to be in. Definitely far better than most other options. Hence a is clearly a more dangerous return from LHO
Play 6NT
@Richard imo, the T is better then a heart and a diamond to the T as it gives LHO the opportunity not to return another heart (not good for us). Assuming we do play the T and they do return a heart (and hearts are 5=2 as ...
Play 6NT
If break what we do at T2 is "mostly" irrelevant. If we cash and have one club loser then we go for this position: AQx - - - <> x x x - For this to work RHO cannot have: a) K b) 4+ and 4+ If we lead a ...

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