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Will Roper
Will Roper
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July 28, 2013
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July 15
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Bridge Player
about me

23 year old junior who has played bridge for over half their life.

Apparently "studied" engineering in London.

Love bridge, not much else to it 

Favourite convention: Dopi Ropey



United Kingdom

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Louise Selway
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Young Chelsea
Favorite Tournaments
Spring Foursomes, Gold Cup, Anything I can get to abroad
Favorite Conventions
TMNT = Too Many Needless Transfers
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B Psyches
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Will Roper's bidding problem: 765 KT965 AK2 AQ
I DBLed. Partner had 5-4 so we reached the wrong game. 4 is the big winner. As said this came up two years ago I thought at the time my usual bridge is hard. However, it has led me to wonder how useful 4 is here ...
Will Roper's bidding problem: 765 KT965 AK2 AQ
Nice logic and Norman S agrees with you fwiw. The problem with this logic in reality was most tables were pre-empting 3 and we have an easy 9-10 tricks in 3NT.
Will Roper's bidding problem: 765 KT965 AK2 AQ
Nope although opps were juniors :-) Nor is this a poll for a ruling as most of mine seem to be these days. This was my hand and came up two years ago.
Defending the 2!c overcall in Multi-Landy / Woolsey
Personally, the most important things to me about this spot are 2M = Natural and 3M = SPL with both minors. Fitting that around a Rubensohl structure gives you: DBL = Values 2/2M = Natural; NF 2NT = 3 = 3 = Stop ask 3M = SPL with at least 5-4 minors
What system over (1m) - 2m - (pass) - ?
2NT = Ask 3 = 3 = For me personally
Never a dull moment
On hand 2 you are ofc correct if you want to score 11 tricks.... :-)
Never a dull moment
fixed thanks
Support doubles after 1!d (1!h) 1!s
Showing a 5-3 fit seems not too clever. I use DBL here as T/O but I do know an expert pair who play it as exactly 2. I imagine their method has some excellent upsides at MP.
They Are A Changing
Think both are rulings for me but not clear-cut. Hand 1: This hand should have bid at multiple points in this auction. I assume they got out as they claimed 4 was "pick a major partner". I.e they deliberately used a bid to cover partner when they ...
Exciting Endplays in Swedish Teams Semifinals
Thanks for the hands. Very cool. On the second hand: An alternative line which might be better is to draw trumps. Now when East shows up with 3 we know he has 4315 or 4306. Cash A and the whole hand is revealed. Now AKQ (throwing a diamond ...

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