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Automating Swiss assignments
Does it handle the situation with 6 teams where the 3rd round matches might mean that there are no possible assignments for the 4th match?
18 Board Movements on BBO
I agree that Swiss pairs would be great. BBO offers it however it is really 'Danish Pairs' You are matched with someone who is doing as well as you regardless of whether you've played them before. When I tried it with 20 tables, 12 rounds of 2 boards there ...
18 Board Movements on BBO
Today I was supposed to run an individual as a special event. You can choose individual and create a tournament but it will be pairs. Free tournaments can be individuals though. That is what we did. It was not a regular progression of players.
Does Anyone Know the Odds for this Multi Situation ?
This is very far off. If partner has 6 cards in your 5 card suit there are more cards from which his 7 other cards can be drawn from. This reduces the disparity almost in half.
Does Anyone Know the Odds for this Multi Situation ?
There are (8C6)*(31C7) hands with 6 spades and (10C6)*(29C7) hands with 6 hearts. =31:138
Does Anyone Know the Odds for this Multi Situation ?
Your suit quality might also matter. If I have AKQJT I would guess that is not the suit partner's weak 2 is in. If I have 65432 AKQ I might think the 5 card suit is more likely.
18 Board Movements on BBO
When you set up the game you must tell it how many boards per round. You can change that until the game starts but if you do not estimate how many tables you have and have some issue taking your time as more players register it is easy to have ...
18 Board Movements on BBO
I run several games on BBO. My daytime games have been standardized at 18, 6*3 and 9*2 is common. My small evening games (3-5 tables) I run 20,21 or 18 board howell. My on large evening game is 12*2 boards in the 299er and 8*3 ...
Youngest Life Master
Tonight Andrew picked up 732 AQT97 KQJ T7 over dummy's AK985 K6542 92 8. After 3NT gambling all pass I led Ace of diamonds and he played the Q.|neilvaz,bucky6000,vijesh,willwats|st%7C%7Cmd%7C3SAK985HK6542D92C8%2CS732HAQT97DKQJCT7 ...
Ever picked up AKQJT98765432 (not all in the same suit)
I've noticed 2. One of those I was dummy and laid out the cards one at a time, A, K etc. I was told I could speed things up by sorting my hand.

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