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William Zhu
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April 4, 2012
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Will and Peter
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Arjun Will
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William and Ilan
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Will and Lew
2 over 1
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Will and Chris
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Will and Sarah
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Will and Floyd
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In The Well: Ralph Katz
Hi Ralph, Thank you for volunteering your time to be our partnership coach. You lend insight and experience that our NPC cannot, and he is first to admit it! You talk about how reading a little bit every night can be more effective for improving than playing hours of live ...
Epic Finish in Seamon USA2 Final
I was as shocked as anyone when declarer went up with the A at trick twelve. But now I think it was a very deep and well reasoned play, for a reason I did not see anyone mention yet. If the Wei pair did have a misunderstanding on their way ...
Lose GNTs with me
When I first read your comment I thought this wouldn't work because partner would be misled on my shape. But this is probably the best technical play because partner should have enough information to find the correct defense. He knows declarer probably has 3 spades (since I doubled earlier ...
Lose GNTs with me
RHO bidding 3 indicating a preference is a good point and something I didn't consider.
David Corn's bidding problem: AK AK743 AKQJ6 A
Even playing very standard methods, wouldn't 4NT keycard, followed by 5 over the expected 0 key card response, ask for a 3rd round control in hearts? With all that room below 6, partner can show 3rd round control or the Q of hearts.
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: Q63 AKJ82 AK2 A5
Aiming for a trump lead in grand.
In the Well: Brian Platnick
17 years? What motivated you to put bridge on hold for so long? Thanks, Will
Gulf Coast Curiosities
I don't believe a priori you should play for anything but QJ tight or stiff honor, but if you're confident you could try this.
William Zhu's bidding problem: A --- A AQJTxxxxxxx
In the GNT Open Flight finals, both pairs opened 6C. Partner had a void in clubs, one opponent had Kx.
William Zhu's bidding problem: A --- A AQJTxxxxxxx
it's an unusual hand for sure, and maybe something you'll never see in a lifetime. But it's still an interesting problem.

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