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Bob Okker's bidding problem: KQ73 JT8 876 A72
With this hand you are 100% going to bid slam, the only reason I bid 4H is because I want partner to ask aces (my 5S answer pretty much shows all my points). If its a grand only p can bid this. If he shows out with 4S ill take ...
What is the meaning of 4C here?
When you dont know what a bid means, it is automatically forcing, rule number 1 in bidding. (dutch translation doubt=forcing) (2nnd, when in double, dbl is not penalty :)
Settle A Bet
A 5332 vs 4333 you pretty much always want to play in 3NT, even with a 9crd M fit. Its therefore prob better to test the 3NT% with 5332.
Settle A Bet
With that P wil either pass the invite or bid 3NT which p will pass. Even with a 9crd hearth fit 3NT is decent (without a diamond lead prob makes).
Who's to blame (note the accepted insufficient bid)
West should probably have bid 3 as a weak jump straight away but an overcall and rebid of 3 is still okay given the well placed king of . East dbl is insane, on what grounds does 3 go down? he has 1 defensive spade trick and ...
3 basically garantees a bad score if p has 4 , east should either pass which is speculative but if -1 will yield a great reward or bid 2, if p is weak then he will surely have 2 spades.
ATB - Missed Game
3 doesnt show more hcp than 2 would, it simply shows more spades, 6 at the very least without much support in the other suits. your bidding has been fine.
What would you say about this auction ?
Seems like West got cold feet after his dubious take-out double. 3 seems forcing to me. For west: just bid 2NT directly, or dont dbl at all. Pass 100% denies a hearth stopper in my book (similar hand but switch K with a club). For east: why rdbl ...
4-level Cue-bid of Opponent's Suit
Depends a lot on agreements imo - 3 seems like general values/natural trying to go for 3NT, which makes it hard setting clubs as trumps. - Would a direct 4 by north over 3 be forcing or not? If forcing then that would make the bidding far more ...
David Wetzel's bidding problem: KQ986542 --- --- JT942
Is this a forcing pass situation? Although questionable I think it is. P could have therefore passed and pulled out of your double to invite for slam. He didnt so pass seems the right call

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