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Wu Shuifa
Wu Shuifa
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May 11, 2012
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May 12, 2014
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Wu Shuifa's bidding problem: x --- KJT9xx KQJ9xx
This hand from D-Bermuda Bowl 2011 Paly off 3-3 Italy VS USA1, Board 3 Two players sitting in North open 3H then 4N bid by E clearly. I played it and open 4N in 2rd seat,my partner raised 6C with KT9XXX JXX X ATX and played 6CX-1. Do u ...
Wu Shuifa's bidding problem: KQxx xx x AKJxxx
correct to 2S after 2H respond no forcing here? or just force to 3C?
Wu Shuifa's bidding problem: KQxx xx x AKJxxx
i chose DBL with my hand,and the auction was: P-1C-2D-P P-X-P-2N P-3C=? my question was: 3C was forcing or not in this case?
u choice
the first and second seat i surely open 1D and 2D rebid show my , good and many where is potential slam .But now in 3rd seat,slam is impossible, i think sometimes u hold QJX XX AKT9X AXX u would open 1N in 3rd seat,so also ...
Wu Shuifa's bidding problem: x x Q9xxx AKJxxx
yes 2C then 4N show 64 or 74 shape and 2N and bidding 5C would be show longer and better suit,do u agree? thanks
Noble Shore's bidding problem: Qx KQJxx 98xx Kx
2S is foring or not?
In the Well: Jenny Wolpert
hey jenny Thanks for being in the well. Sweden open team had won the world championship in Lille, 1.r this guys yr good friends ? 2.why they won? u think this guys still will win in next competition? thanks!
Jim La Force's bidding problem: AQJ9xx --- AQx QJTx
what 3S show here?
World Open SemiFinals: Your lead to 6!D
I watched vurgaph in BBO for this hand.It is really hard to lead !
Lille 2012 World Championship Finals
I'm picking Swenden,because they defeat Monaco and also beat Poland too

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