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Xavier Dantan
Xavier Dantan
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March 16, 2016
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about me

Systems builder having some opportunities to benchmark them in France, would they be highly unusual or little gadgets around standard. Convinced that Fantunes opened the path to a new way of bidding (but I am too addicted to good ethics to win).

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Unusual over unusual
I play a simple agreement: 1st suit shows 1st biddable suit (1st to come) / 2nd suit shows 2nd biddable suit. Over 1 2NT, this means 3=> and 3=> Over 1 2NT, this means 3=> and 3=> This is both efficient ...
Plan for a Grand
If you have a stiff , do not miss the opportunity to save your partner discarding it in the 4 cards ending ;)
Mathematically, when should you make a game try (and which one)?
Assuming -2 is improbable, we can compare expecting opps to be in 3. Even if -2, balancing at 2 is possible to push them to 3. This kills the evaluation about whether we should try or not, but you can value efficiency of your tries.
Questions for people who play 12-14 1NT
Another underlying problem to consider with weak NT is raise to partner 1M response : with strong NT you raise 2M with weak hands (balanced or not) and 3M is precisely unbalanced 15-17. With weak NT you have to decide how to catch 15-17 balanced with fit. This lead to a ...
Yellow Systems - A Dire Discovery
Don't forget to also copy here the list of exceptions written just below . Somehow the list of exceptions re-accepts 1 minor usual but exotic definitions : strong Club or Diamond, better minor or Diamond by 4 or 5,...
Questions for people who play 12-14 1NT
Weak no trump with better minor is hardly playable. We play 1 catches 15-17 so we have 1 spare bid below NT. Of course when you think about it you quickly go to Transfer responses. You may then surcharge the fertilizer bid (1 or 1 if transfers ...
François "Dellache"'s bidding problem: KQ97 AK3 KQJ92 T
Agree Partner can't have a hand that doubles and can't bid again on 3. Consequently bid is forcing and we have room for exploring best contract. 4 would be both Majors 3 is strong, balanced without stopper
After a quantitative 4NT
I play the combination of both objectives: - 5 show aces Then requester has 3 options: - 5NT = stop missing 2 aces - 6m = 5 cards - 5 = let responder describe with: # 6m = 5 cards # 5NT = at least a 4 card minor we can look for naturally
What is the best Grosvenor Gambit you've seen?
Dummy in NT with no side entry holding ATxxxxx (7) Insert your Jx as 2nd hand and hope for your partner to play K from KQ. Fake Grosvenor?
Follow-ups when opponents bids a major over a stayman bid
X penalty but we also plan to let bidder on lead so: Pass = 4 2 = max 3 cards, no stopper

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