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Xavier Dantan
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March 16, 2016
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May 24
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about me

Systems builder having some opportunities to benchmark them in France, would they be highly unusual or little gadgets around standard. Convinced that Fantunes opened the path to a new way of bidding (but I am too addicted to good ethics to win).

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Tempo question ( too fast over a jump)
I think 6 is a responsible bid. Tempo has little to no influence. Would you ask for adjustments if 6 failed? Too easy to find any slight deviation and complain instead of respecting risks that opponents took.
Tempo question ( too fast over a jump)
Since 5 required a jump, I think tempo infers nothing. Fast or slow the bid describes a 5 rebid that was already planned before 3.
1D or 1NT? My marriage is on the line...!
Apologies are necessary whatever the result of the poll. It is just a game and if we were all doing same choices we won't play anymore. 1NT has advantage to preempt 1M from opps. 1 is more descriptive and would allow proper competitive decisions... but 1NT followed by ...
Gazzilli Question
I play a home-made version of Gazzilli where 2 is weak or strong with ANY hand and all other rebids are intermediate strength. In my variation 2 is some kind of multi used with any one-suited or a sign off in opener major. Opener act on the assumption ...
How to bid 6!H (or 7!H if you like)
So easy ;) 1 14+ forcing, 5 cards+ 1 0-4 or 8+, 4 cards+ 1 forcing, 4 cards 2 mini (0-4), 6+ cards 6
No Race
Should West overtake Q to play another and avoid this wrong shift?
T-Walsh: 1!C-1!S-2!D uncontested
Agree. Would be better to stay below 3. I would like to play 2NT (or 2M) rebid as both minors. This means using another path for balanced 18-19 and this could be through the 2m we emptied. Too complex for a short post ;) and there is a lot of ...
T-Walsh: 1!C-1!S-2!D uncontested
Ability to stop in 2 of a minor is an illusion. Opps will balance in 2M. You should consider the sign off level to be 3m and therefore use 2 level bidding for constructive auctions. It depends on your reverted minor system but if 1 denies 5, 4 ...
1min - 1!S - 1NT - 2!H playing reverse Flannery and XY NT
When you have a cheap spare bid, you should consider introducing transfers starting from this bid.
Unusual over unusual
I play a simple agreement: 1st suit shows 1st biddable suit (1st to come) / 2nd suit shows 2nd biddable suit. Over 1 2NT, this means 3=> and 3=> Over 1 2NT, this means 3=> and 3=> This is both efficient ...

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