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Xavier Truel
Xavier Truel
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Sept. 30, 2015
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July 9
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Bridge Player

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Francois "dellache" (dellache on bbo)
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French national open teams
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Xavier Truel's bidding problem: 7643 K5 T762 A97
That's right. But it doesn't promise 3c either (it's not a support double for spades).
4th seat 4!h open
Other : this is the contract I'm willing to play
Matthew Brown's bidding problem: AK752 6432 Q5 Q6
Even votes between 5 and 6? Can't understand this. Partner bid 4 red vs white. If he holds AK A in minors, 6 and the very likely void we are cold for 7. I chose 6 and felt this like an underbid
François "Dellache"'s bidding problem: AJT6 AQT2 654 Q2
Dbl. Just want to hear some bid in a major. And even better feeling if partner passes.
François "Dellache"'s bidding problem: QJ753 2 x K87542
Playing 4 as forcing in our system, I will try 5, with the obvious downside that I might be off 3 aces so it's clearly not a great bid. If 4 is nf (= bid 2 first with a slammish hand for clubs) this looks like ...
François "Dellache"'s bidding problem: QT2 AJ742 KJT4 8
On the actual deal colors are reversed (you are vul against not)
François "Dellache"'s bidding problem: A K8642 QT43 AJ5
4nt looks fine - partner will understand that the key factor for slam is the quality of his spades. And of course he will bid 6 and not 6nt if he can't see a possible recovery against a bad spade break opposite the typical 15(34) pattern suggested by ...
Marc Bonnet's lead problem: J8 AQJT5 KJ8 J32
No clear-cut choice among really ugly leads, every lead may be the only one that blows it. My ratings : 2 or8 : 5/10. Hoping to not blow a trick and collect 4 tricks on passive defense 8 : 5/10. Looks more dangerous but might strike gold if partner has ...
Marc Bonnet's bidding problem: --- 873 KJ62 AT9532
The expectancy of 3 is negative at these colors. With an empty 6 card suit, I really risk going for -800 or -1100 and the potential damage to the opps bidding when they should declare does not compensate this. Simulations made by my partner tend to say that a ...
Marc Bonnet's bidding problem: KQT7 AKT8 J A642
Double is perfectly descriptive - extra offensive values and no clear direction. Slam might make but might also be doomed especially in the likely case when partner also has a stiff , so I'm not willing to commit to it with 5nt. If partner removes that, he is sure to ...

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