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Yordan Boychev
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How would you interpret this bid?
Sure, but even opposite this hand I might make if I guess who has the club King. And if he bids the grand with good clubs and missing the queen of hearts, grand is on hearts 2-2. On the other hand if I sign off partner can never bid 7 ...
How would you interpret this bid?
I cant see how bidding 6 can hurt, partner cant bid 7 with AQJxxx of clubs. He knows that with all Keycards and club king I would have already bid 7.
How would you interpret this bid?
I would assume odd number of keycards and solid clubs. It seems best to bid 6 now: confirming all keycards. Partner should realize that queen is enough for 7. On the other hand Kxx xxxx -- AKQJxx or similar should just sign off.
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: A642 7 AKQT9654 ---
I would bid up to 7 if necessary, but starting with 4 increases the chances I might get doubled along the way.
Gabriel Carrasco's bidding problem: 4 J74 AKJT76 864
Partner would bid 4 wihtout a club cue, 4 is a suggestion to play in my view (very often 5 cards)
Wipeout at T7
John, maybe I am missing something but if West has Q8x of , why is it necessary to cash the club? Playing a heart back would allow West to win his Queen and cash the club ace first before going back to hearts. Dummy has no useful discard so it ...
Wipeout at T7
I know I would
Wipeout at T7
Leading to queen of clubs which is the only card to give partner a chance to go wrong. (AQ K10x AKxxxx Qx might have defended the same way, giving declarer K10xxxx Jxx -- xxxx). A heart back looks best since it it clarifies the heart position, but a low club back ...
Mini & Weak No Trump
A pair at our club plays 8-11 NV and 12-14 vul. It is legal here but I wouldnt recommend it (although it is a lot of fun and not terrible)
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: KJ9 KQ92 QT973 7
I would pass with the same hand if I had a dead minimum with fit. However nice trumps, decent 5 card suit, side singleton and well placed spade cards improve the hand. It was rather unlucky that partner had absolutely nothing useful and KQJx opposite your singleton. Cant win them ...

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