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Alexander Cook's bidding problem: A86 Q73 T74 AJ84
An excellent example why playing transfers here is a good idea: X=4+, 1=, 1 some points with no 4M.
Ok. A stupid question on a Wednesday evening.
I remember playing myself down in 7 spades with k10xxx opposite Aqxxx of trumps and 13 top tricks barring some very unlikely breaks. Trumps broke 2 - 1 but I was so focussed on choosing between a 95 and 96% line that i played spade ace and spade to the 10 ...
Andy Stark's bidding problem: AJT A63 AQT742 A
I bid 7, worst case should be on the spade finess.
Declarer thoughts
Well I think that LHo continuing hearts quickly at trick 2 is quite noticeable. This could be the disaster if declarer has AK and not King. It looks like LHO is looking at the diamond King himself.
Declarer thoughts
Sry mixed RHO and LHO
Declarer thoughts
I will play LHO for both the spade ace and diamond king: I would draw trump in 2 rounds while ruffing a heart and play spade to the queen. Assuming it holds, run all the trumps and come down to K Ax and QJx in the dummy. Now I will ...
Guess the (non)finesse - or do we have enough clues?
Fully agree, if they overcalled on such garbage that is too bad.
Nikolas Bausback's bidding problem: KJT Q853 AQ4 AQ9
I wouldnt even double 3NT
Paula Leslie's bidding problem: QJT9xx AKx Qx xx
If you double, you might get to play 1 in a 4-3 fit.
How would you rule?
Then again, this means that opener had Axx A xxx J109xxx. Not impossible but also not extremely likely.

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