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Slow Return
I would like to bring up some points that I don't think have been mentioned so far. This post is long so I will bullet (*) each point. (*) Whether the slow return is UI is dependent on the players involved. If West is Joe Grue and thinks before returning the ...
Clear as MUD (USA2 vs Bulgaria SF Segment 3 board 15)
Good question! It would seem to be a more likely play to find than the false card of Q from QT but it didn't happen at this table
Clear as MUD (USA2 vs Bulgaria SF Segment 3 board 15)
East could have avoided the guess if South was 2=2=7=2 by ruffing a diamond before exiting in hearts since a subsequent club return by North would have disclosed South's distribution.
Horrible ruling : Daily Bulletin March 17, page 9
As one of the victims of this ruling, my first (and still current) reaction was one of having been grossly discriminated against as a relatively unknown player vs. an international player (who defended his side by saying he didn't know how to fill out an American convention card). After ...
A Twice Nice Played Hand
OK, that works.
A Twice Nice Played Hand
It seems to me that to actually score a club, declarer needs the squeeze, which comes for free as part of drawing trumps. For example, if declarer carelessly pitches a diamond on the third round of trumps, West can just save winners. However, your play to score 10 tricks is ...
In Memoriam: Kyle Larsen 1950-2012
My wife Cheryl and I had the opportunity to play against Kyle frequently in our district's regionals and GNTs. He was always an intense yet friendly, gracious opponent. What I will remember most about him, however, is his wit and great sense of humor. During the height of the ...
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