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Oct. 12, 2015
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Always show a 4-card spade in Precision (or bypass) after 1!D-1!H
"Standard" is: 1NT = 14-16. So: 1 - 1 // 1NT = 11-13.
A question of law
2. He may try to prevent any irregularity. But (not clear to me): can dummy, when declarer says: "Play from table...", to contradict: "The lead is from your hand!"?
Smolen over 2NT
3 sets trump with min/max. Partner is captain, and he can continue with Serious 3NT (slam try) or give cheapest control bid with mild slam interest. Or can simply bid game as sign-off.
Queen of Trumps ask when playing RKCB 1430
"Opener's five-card (may be 4-card) suit if any, or responder's five(four)-card suit if there is none" --- I call it "second suit". That suit is origin of tricks! Trump Q-ask responses: no; yes but not the King in the "second suit" (identified by spiral scan); yes plus ...
Director call in local club
S claimed on opening lead, intending to find Q on E. But Q was on W. So: 4 +2.
Director call in local club
2NT is invitation or stronger, forcing per round. In principle: the strongest setting trump (no shortnes if strong, otherwise splinter). 4H can have wide HCP range (no slam interest), and can be preemptive.
Director call in local club
6H is easy to make. The only problem is to locate Q - but for overtrick.
Director call in local club
To clarify: S bid 4NT, but TD had ruled that 4H is the final bid.
What to do
With regular partner I have rule (I also think, according to Kantar): after response "0/3 KC" - 5M is sign-off with zero; and Q-ask facing three. It is documented in my CC.
BW 2/1: What is 2/1?
I also use (and like it) 2/1 in Precision as GF. But think: this is not generally accepted (not standard). And for that subset, an extra agreement is required.
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