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Bill Buttle and Victor Mollo

One of the most popular and amusing bridge books in the history of bridge is Victor Mollo’s Bridge in the Menagerie. The reader experiences exciting bridge hands while on a journey marked with many funny stories and characters. If you haven't heard of the Hideous Hog, the Rueful Rabbit, Oscar the Owl, and the rest of the clan, then Bridge in the Menagerie is a must read. The suspense builds as they face trials and tribulations and intriguing bridge hands. The new and improved and now fully illustrated Bridge in the Menagerie by cartoonist Bill Buttle and Victor Mollo is a top ten best selling bridge book due to its high praise and reader recommendations.


This bridge book was written so any bridge player can enjoy reading it over and over. Although it is not meant to be instructional, it does offer the reader some insights on how other types of bridge players think and act. The very fortuitous Rabbit, the Bird who makes sure every rule is followed, the point counting Walrus, and the Hog who hates to be dummy are a few examples of why the characterization matches different 'types' of bridge players.



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