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Mark Horton and Eric Rodwell

In The Rodwell Files, Eric Rodwell, widely regarded as one of the best bridge players in the world, has transformed his years of accumulated notes about various bridge situations into a comprehensive book on bridge.


In The Rodwell Files, Eric Rodwell gives you a rare glimpse inside the mind of one of the world's best bridge players. He allows the reader to learn his approach towards both declarer play and defense. Rodwell explains the factors he considers and how he decides on a specific line of play. Rodwell also illustrates his strategies with real-life examples from tournament play.


The wide range of topics covered in The Rodwell Files get increasingly difficult as the book progresses. He refers to these topics and situations through various creative names he devised over the year, some of which are already working their way into expert bridge players' conversations. This is one of the top bridge books in recent years, and is a must read for any aspiring player.

Formats available: PDF EPUB MOBI


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