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Category: Defense

David Bird and Taf Anthias


Winning Notrump Leads was a ground-breaking and very well-received book that
used the power of computers to determine which opening leads work best
against a variety of auctions at notrump. Using enhanced software, the
authors now turn their attention to suit contracts. They generate millions
of random deals, retaining those that match the chosen auction, for example
1S-2S-4S. By playing these deals automatically against each of the 13
possible opening leads from a given hand, they are able to discover which
lead is most likely to beat the contract (also the best lead at matchpoint
pairs). The authors provide insightful commentary to each result, answering
timeless questions such as:

* When should I lead a trump?
* When is a doubleton a good opening lead?
* Should I lead differently against a partscore?
* Should I make an aggressive or a passive lead?
* Should I lead an ace against a small slam?
* Which leads work best against a grand slam?

By using the number-crunching computer power available nowadays, there is no
longer any need to rely on general opening-lead guidelines passed down by
our ancestors. We think you will be surprised by many of the discoveries
made during this investigation!

Formats available: PDF EPUB MOBI


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